Country: Uganda
Location: Kampala
Dates: August 2019 (must be this month)
Project Length: 14 days
Project ID: 1973
Producer: Michelle Scott

ABOUT THE partner

Founded in 2015, this NGO’s mission is to enhance the standards of living of LGBT youth in Uganda and ensure that they sustain their lives in the homophobic environment. They provide activities, programs and services that empower community members, provide essential access to legal and justice resources, advocate for civil and human rights and embrace, promote and support cultural diversity under human rights observation. 

assignment DETAILS

The focus will be documenting this NGO’s work in various project sites in the Kampala region. It will involve a Calendar project wherein the incumbent will be responsible for creating impactful shots for the NGO’s calendar. It will also involve documenting several other projects, including the LGBTI Safe House project, sex education projects, sex worker advocacy projects, and online counselling for community members. This project will take place during Ugandan Pride Month (August 2019) and will also involve documenting a community dialogue on human rights among stakeholders and community members.  



  • Experience in photo-documentary or photojournalism 

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills 

  • Adaptable to new and different situations, flexible and patient 

  • Ability to exercise discretion when it comes to LGBT visibility in a difficult socio-political climate (e.g. with social media posts, being vocal about organization among the general population in-country) – defer to NGO staff for guidance on this matter 

  • Passion for LGBT rights worldwide, anti-oppression viewpoint  

  • Storytelling - Must submit a minimum of one (1) original article 800-1000 words upon completion of the project, to complement the images/footage of this assignment. 


  • Experience in overseas development 

  • Experience travelling abroad in developing nations 





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