ID: Tanzania - 1982
Location: Arusha
Dates: January/February 2020
Project Length: 14 days
Producer: Myroslava Stadnyk

ABOUT our community PARTNER

This NGO’s main mission is for every child living in rural Tanzania to have access to education and to break the cycle of living in poverty. They provide access to education by building schools and create an environment where each child’s most basic needs are met to enable them to attend school every day. This is most efficiently achieved through empowering local Tanzania charities that really understand the needs of the community. The main focus is on building schools and bringing children above the poverty line. They also work on providing jobs to local widows, providing clean water to hundreds of children, and support proper sanitation for girls.

Assignment DETAILS

The footage for this project will be shot in five various project sites that will showcase the NGO’s work. These five sites consist of the pre-primary classrooms, the primary and secondary schools, the health and sanitation projects, and ten acres of land that will be used for future projects. These will all exhibit the importance of targeting education and proper sanitation in these rural communities as a solution of getting children out of poverty. In addition, time will be spent documenting the culture, values, and work ethic of Tanzanians.  



  • Experience in photo-documentary and photojournalism 

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills 

  • Adaptable to new and different situations, flexible and patient 


  • Experience in overseas development

  • Past experience in promotional video/documentaries  

  • Experience travelling abroad in developing nations

  • Proficient in videography 

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