watch pwb series film “Beyond the Gun”

"Kill a poacher, save a rhino?" Watch photographer Damari Mcbride on assignment for Nourish NPO in "Beyond the Gun" as he discovers the complexities behind combating the poaching epidemic in South Africa.


We are proud to present this series of short documentaries dedicated to exploring the ways that grassroots communities all over the world are reclaiming power through the lenses of our extraordinary photographers. Each film takes the viewer to experience a powerful cause in a new location with a different photographer.


watch our latest pwb film: mountains united

Join photographer Matt DeLorme as he documents the resilient Himalayan mountain communities who are battling the effects of climate change without sacrificing their way of life. Watch "Mountains United" now!


past films

Daughters of the Blue City

In our premier episode we take you to the 'Blue City' of Jodhpur, India. Here we learn the story of how women and girls are making themselves heard. Photographer: Anne Gattilia

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Did you know that human trafficking is the second largest illegal trade in the world after drugs trafficking, surpassing arms trafficking? We stand with survivors. Photographer: Matilde Simas

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Project 1948 is a photo-voice program that amplifies the voices of Bosnian youth to express concerns and explore questions about life in post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photographer: Mel Hattie

Unforgotten Village 

East Bali Poverty Project is an organization in Bali, Indonesia. Photographer: Brian Hodges 

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Discover how everyday people in post-earthquake Nepal are working together to bring solar power to some of the neediest regions. Photographer: Kristin Lau.


Watch and learn how indigenous people in the Colombian Amazon are working to plant trees to support their forest home. Photographers: Artem Nazarov and Sienna Clough.



Even amongst conflict there are seeds of peace. Visit Jordan, Israel and Palestine to meet some of the change makers who are using dialogue and meaningful connections as a way to bring people together and find solutions to problems that can seem impossible. Photographer: Maggie Svoboda.


Animal trafficking is a big problem in Bolivia. Find out how local people are rescuing animals from animal trafficking and educating others to try and prevent it. Photographers: Kristi Odom & Tracey Buyce


To the Rescue

The problem that palm oil expansion and habitat destruction presents in Sumatra goes far beyond affecting orangutans and other critically endangered wildlife--it also affects human beings as well. Watch and learn how local people are working together with different communities to protect the forest and protect natural resources too. Photographer: Gita Defoe