The bundled PWB Assignment Costs covers:

  • Donation to the partner organization

  • Accommodations during the entire project (10 - 14+ days depending on the project)

  • Airport transfers: pick / up drop off

  • Pre-departure, in-country, and post-project coordination, training and support

  • Online or print magazine publication

The Assignment Cost varies according to each project (see individual assignment pages) and so this pie chart represents an average of our assignment costs.*



Every photojournalist or documentarian needs to organize the logistics for their projects. The PWB Program is a volunteer storyteller program with projects all over the world where PWB organizes all of the logistics associated, with costs pre-determined in collaboration with our Community Partners. We do the work for you so you can focus on fundraising and completing your assignment successfully.


When our storytellers are matched to an assignment, they are set up with an official page on our GroupRev fundraising platform. Our Storytellers are encouraged to fundraise to offset their Assignment Cost, airfare, travel insurance, visas & vaccinations. Storytellers are also encouraged to apply for grants, sponsors, and fundraise offline.

Pre-approved expenses that may be fundraised: 

  • Assignment Cost

  • Assignment-related Airfare

  • Assignment-related Visas & Vaccinations

  • Assignment-related Emergency Travel Medical Insurance (required)

  • Equipment Insurance (highly recommended)

  • Other items may be discussed with your PWB Producer

IMPORTANT NOTE: Assignment costs do not include your airfare, visas & vaccinations, travel insurance, equipment insurance (or any other pre-approved expenses) or personal pocket money or meals (depending on the project).

*PWB includes a standard coordination, publication and administration fee for each project, so depending on the base costs of the project, the program fee will vary.


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