Photographers and videographers are more important than ever in the world of storytelling for change. Every year we match 50 or more projects with storytellers who are selected from hundreds of members. We try our best to accommodate as many storytellers as possible!


Every year, our photographers and videographers donate their talent and time to document the work of grassroots initiatives that are making real change. By capturing, honouring and witnessing humanity at its best, we are forging new narratives of what is possible. 

You can support our photographers and videographers by donating to their assigned GroupRev Fundraising Page to help them cover their project-related expenses (airfare, program fees, travel insurance, visas and vaccinations).

Current Fundraisers

Our Photographers

Mel Hattie - Project 1948
Sarah Tobi Ann - Village Health
Emma Changose - VARAS
Madison Rahhal - Child Support Tanzania
Aimi Duong - Mufindi Orphans
Susanna Avery Lynch - Glona
Ron B Wilson - Long Way Home
Caroline Petters - Indo Relief / L’auberge des Migrant
Kelly Wenzel - Thaakat Dreams
Joey Panetta - Tibet World
Angela Conners - South Vihar Welfare Society
Robyne Hayes - Maya Traditions
Jenna Ammerman - Action for Children in Conflict
Kristin Lau - Sunfarmer
Maggie Svoboda - Seeds of Peace
Tim Greer - Proyecto Horizonte
Tanya Garcia - Light and Leadership
Sandra Salvas - Love Animal House
Gita Defoe - Sumatran Orangutan Society
Nicholas Giombi - Give and Surf
Kate Buechner - Raintree Foundation
Caroline Leal - El Porvenir
Lisa Xing - Shiksha Alok
Rachel Kulchin - Youth Alive
Michael Bednar - Mision Gaia
Megan Ewing - Casa Guatemala
Chase McNabb - Children of Hope Uganda
Marc Champagne - Watercharity
Brandon Wise - United Planet Romania
Daniel Korzeniewski - HOOPS Peru
Barbara Delgado - United Planet Peru
Tracey Buyce -  Senda Verde Wildlife Refuge
Kristi Odom - Senda Verde Wildlife Refuge
Sienna Clough - Green Hope Colombia
Artem Nazarov - Green Hope Colombia
Thomas Duncan - Peruvian Hearts
Rachel Naft - Colombia Festiva
Ana O'Byrne - Teach a Man to Fish
Kathleen Hertel -  Entre Mundos
Toni Graves - DIN
Lisa Hoffner - CARE
Kelly Giardina - HERA
Stella Grasso - Sambhali Trust
Byron & Jill Flateland - The Corbett Foundation
Jeff Mikkelson - Karudeca Tanzania
Kathleen Hertel - DamnokToek 
Sian Wright - Karibu Centre 
John Arthur Brown - Honduras Child Alliance 
Lee Rubin-Jakober - Winners Self-Help Group
Cameron Anderson - Pragya Seeds Nepal

Niurka Barroso - Teach a Man to Fish
Crystal Schick - Rent to Own Zambia
Megan Peterson - Kaliend
Jonathan Mercier - Give a Heart to Africa
Alyson Smith - Volunteers Building Cambodia
Lisa Weatherbee - Thaakat, Righteous Cause
Annie Vickery - Care Net Akatsi
Caroline Petters -  Indo Relief
Claudia Quigua - Grace House
Kate Buechner - Raintree Foundation
Rohit Lakhani - GHEI
Brian Hodges - East Bali Poverty Project
Caitlin Healy - ArtUganda
Sara Hylton - Seekho
Art Zaratsyan - Elimu
Kevin & Sheryl Minnett - Vervet Monkey
Jessie Chaney - Casa de la Panchita
Connie Tsang - Casa de la Panchita
Josh Hobson - United Planet Tanzania
Sandra Laurin - Avanti
Talia Ricci - Avanti
James Kao - Avanti
Lais Viera - HEART Japan
Pam Forster - HEART Japan
Rebecca Eby - Lotus Children's Home
Megan Wilson - Dejavato Indonesia
Henry Vanderspek - Raising Voices
Moira Lennox - EASTCO
Danielle Da Silva - Olive Branch for Children
Michele Weisz - Bikes Without Borders
Laura Crowell - Ninos Con Valor
Anica James - Sristi Village
Victoria Lodi - Casa Nica
Rachael Santillan - Bright Generation
Aga Szydlik - Tackle Africa (Tanzania)
Dan Davis - Tackle Africa (Kenya)
Margaux Yiu - Maun Welfare Society
Kenya-Jade Pinto - Tackle Africa (Uganda)
Scout Hebinck - One 4 Another             
Maria Paula- Drug Fight Malawi
Ben Blankenship- Uganda Village Project
Rose Corbett - Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust
Leonard Weins - Green Gecko
Tilly Goble - Casa Pueblito
Dallas Raines - ABOFRA
Samantha Hyatt - Watoto Wasoka
Cayla Nimmo - REACH
Jessie Golem - Elizabeth Fry Toronto
Ron B. Wilson - Clean Futures Fund 
Arletta & Seth Charter - Parters for Possibility 
Vera Nieuwenhuis - Ocean Sole
Sandra Jasmin - Uganda Hands of Hope
Steven Bezzio - Potential Energy