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APRIL 23 - MAY 6, 2019
Tell stories that support vulnerable women in India. At the same time experience the vibrancy of Holi, the festival of colour. This is sure to be a life-changing experience.

JULY 7 - 21, 2019
Ride the waves alongside marine biologists studying humpback whales, document local students learning to swim, and dive into the water to help assess coral populations!

APRIL 23 - MAY 6, 2019
Surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush valleys, embrace a truly local experience with visits to schools, artisan markets, all while honing your photography skills!

JUNE 15 - 29, 2019
Trek through the jungle and discover how palm oil impacts people on the local and global level, how reforestation is being accomplished and how everyday heroes are rescuing critically-endangered orangutans in need.