ID: Malawi - 1948
Location: Blantyre
Dates: Flexible
Project Length: 14 days
Producer: Myroslava Stadnyk

ABOUT our community partner

Established in 2016, this organization’s mission is to reach out to the youths with tools that inspire and enhance their growth and development, health, environmental management and early child development. Their goals include: to encourage the youths in optimizing ecological and natural resource management; capacity building; awareness campaign of youth’s roles in democracy; to raise awareness on child protection; to empower parents on positive approach towards child growth and development; rehabilitation of youngsters and other people who are vulnerable; to engage the youth in the fight against HIV transmission among adolescents in the society; to equip and help the youths on how to deal with both mental and reproductive issues in their lives.

assignment DETAILS

The photographer will be introduced to the NGO’s Director, visit several project areas in Blantyre, including schools, student homes, girls primary school, as well as programs such as training in shoe making for youths.



  • Proficient in photo-documentary/photojournalism (and videography)

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills

  • Adaptable to new and different situations, flexible and patient


  • Experience in overseas development and travelling in developing nations 


assignment details


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