Country: Kyrgyzstan
Location:  Bishkek and Osh cities
Dates: October 2019
Project Length: 14 days
Project ID: 1945
Producer: Michelle Scott


NGO main focus is the advocacy and protection of rights of people with Down syndrome; making better the life of people with Down syndrome and their families. Down syndrome is the most despised special need of all in the region. It is diagnosed right when a child is born and often doctors suggest to abandon the child before the bond between mother and child is formed. Unfortunately, most people (including doctors) in current society do not know much about Down syndrome and thus, give wrong information about it. NGO’s mission is to help families accept their children and help the children live meaningful and vibrant life.  

NGO started when several parents of children with Down syndrome decided to put their efforts together and start helping families learn more about Down syndrome. NGO also started lessons, where kids with Down syndrome could grow and develop. Right now there are two branches of organization in Bishkek and Osh cities. 

NGO serves families through support groups for parents; through development of children in Resource Center and different partnerships; through organizing events for raising awareness and inclusion; through seeking inclusion in schools and employment for children and adults with Down syndrome.   

NGO’s goals: 

  1. Help support families that have children with Down syndrome. 

  2. Help children with Down syndrome develop. 

  3. Help establish inclusive society. 

  4. Raise awareness about Down syndrome in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. 


They work to address the following UN Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 3. Good Health and Well-being, Goal 4. Quality Education, Goal 10. Reduced Inequalities, Goal 16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

assignment DETAILS

The Project will take place in 2 Project sites in Bishkek and Osh cities. You will visit Resource Center for kids with Down syndrome, pre-schools and elementary schools where kids with Down syndrome are integrated with typical children. Do photo-shoots with families with children with Down syndrome. Be part of World Down syndrome day celebration event in Bishkek city. NGO will use the materials in the printed materials (booklets, books, calendars, posters, postcards, etc.), in social media, for articles in Internet news and newspapers.  



  • Proficiency in photo-documentary and photojournalism (experience in videography is an asset). 

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, especially with children and families. 

  • Submitting an article 800-1000 words (storytelling) at the end of the project. 

  • Adaptable to new and different situations, flexible and patient. 

  • Respect to cultural sensitivity


  • Experience in overseas development and travelling abroad in developing nations





assignment costs

 $2,911 USD

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