ID: Kenya - 1979v (video project)
Location:  Nairobi 
Dates: Flexible  
Project Length: 14 days
Producer: Myroslava Stadnyk

ABOUT our community PARTNER

Founded in 2010, this NGO engages in activities geared towards the eradication of human trafficking in Kenya. They strive to create a society free from trafficking in persons and violence against humanity by working in four aspects, including raising public awareness on this issue by holding workshops, providing assistance and rehabilitation to survivors of human trafficking, prosecuting trafficking offenders, and collaborating with other organizations.

assignment DETAILS

This NGO needs to tell some of the most intimate stories about their work and the people they are working with through compelling video that showcases not information about this sensitive issue, but also the strong emotion each individual carries. You will be working with actors who represent survivors of human trafficking in order to maintain their anonymity. However, you will also have the opportunity to work with the survivors themselves for storytelling purposes.



  • Proficient in videography

  • Sensitivity to the topic of human trafficking

  • ·Adaptable to new and different situations, flexible and patient


  • Experience in overseas development 

  • Experience working with actors

  • Experience travelling abroad in developing nation

assignment details

 $2783 USD

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