Country: Kenya
Location:  Githurai
Dates: July 2nd - 17th, 2019
Project Length: 13-14 days
Project ID: 1923
Producer: Katherine Cheng


NGO aims to create awareness of people with Epilepsy and is committed to addressing the needs of people living with epilepsy in a holistic and integrated manner.  

The NGO was established in Kiambu, in 2016 by founder after he was diagnosed with epilepsy while working in Iraqi. After returning back to Kenya, he decided to start a Foundation for epilepsy to create awareness in the community after learning for himself about the rejection, misinformation and social myths regarding epilepsy in the society. Only 20% of 1.2 million Kenyans can access anti-epilepsy drugs, which hinders the others to equally participate in the society. Many people confuse epilepsy with witchcraft demon possession and often think it’s contagious. NGO’s vision is to bring focus and solution on epilepsy and mental illness. NGO’s mission is to overcome epilepsy and mental illness in the community. NGO’s goals are: 1. To build an association whereby people with epilepsy, their relatives are empowered and participate in the advocacy and lobbying for their rights. 2. Create awareness among health workers, church leaders and the entire community so that they understand and support people living with epilepsy.

assignment DETAILS

The NGO requires both photographer and videographer.  

The Project will take place in 1 Project site, there will be a tour to primary school class of the mentally changed, to yoga sessions and see how people with mental health do and how they exercise to stay healthy, visits to the homes of people living with epilepsy so you will see how they live and capture the daily struggle of a person with epilepsy in Kenya. The material will be used to bring epilepsy awareness through the website and Facebook pages. NGO will also use the materials to apply for future donor grants. 



  • Proficiency in photo-documentary and photojournalism 

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, especially with vulnerable people. 

  • Adaptable to new and different situations, flexible and patient. 

  • Respect to cultural sensitivity.


  • Experience in overseas development and travelling abroad in developing nations





assignment details

 $2,926 USD

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