ID: India - 2005v (video project)
Location: Mumbai/Thane District
Dates: Flexible
Project Length: 14 days
Producer: Michelle Scott


Founded in 1990, this NGO’s mission is to address issues of women and girls through educational programmes, resource creation, research, training, campaigns, networking and advocacy. Its specific area of work is the empowerment of girls from deprived communities. Their goal is establishing a gender just society in context of poverty and orthodox mind sets, and to to create a world without exploitation, oppression, discrimination and injustice against women, girls or any other section of society.


The focus will be documenting this NGO’s work based in 17 various project sites in the Mumbai area and neighbouring Thane District. It will involve photographing and/or capturing video footage of the various outreach and education programmes for more than 1100 youth. Specifically, the focus will be on documenting  projects that are working to establish gender sensitization of boys and young men and getting their support on issues faced by girls, and projects that provide training and education to girls so that they can take leadership for their own empowerment.



  • Proficient in videography

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills

  • Interest in and knowledge of feminist ideological frameworks


  • Experience in overseas development

  • Experience travelling abroad in developing nations



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