ID: Argentina - 1918
Location: Buenos Aires
Dates: Flexible
Project Length: 14 days
Producer: Michelle Scott

ABOUT our community PARTNER

This NGO is dedicated to protecting the rights of animals and promoting an attitude of respect towards all species. Their main premise is that animals are sentient beings and not “things” to be used by human. Their goals include: fighting against abandonment, abuse and animal suffering in any of its forms, educating about respect for the life of animals through lectures and educational workshops in public and public places and carrying out free or low-cost sterilization campaigns.


You will be introduced to the NGO’s staff and volunteers and will visit several project sites and communities, documenting the NGO’s work in those areas. You will also visit shelter and adoption houses.  Your images are needed to generate traction on the NGO’s social media channels, to showcase the work during their lectures and workshops, and for their educational materials. 



  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills 

  • Open to new experiences 

    *please note that all of the meals served by the NGO are vegan


  • Spanish  


$ 2,929 USD

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