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this year, we’re celebrating 10 years of Photographers Without Borders

10 years of storytelling, 10 years of impact, 10 years of building connections to amplify grassroots voices around the world.


A huge THANK YOU to all who came out to support, connect and celebrate together on Oct 9th for our 10 year anniversary event and feature documentary film screening. There were over 200 people who came out to Revue Cinema in Tkaronto for an incredible evening, and we are so grateful to have gotten the chance to celebrate with you.

Our gratitude extends to our international community who celebrated from everywhere around the world with us.

Images by PWB staff member Daniel Fast


For our international community

We are inviting our international community to celebrate 10 years with us throughout the year by letting us know what you would like to see at PWB in the next 10 years! Fill out the form below so we can hear your anonymous and confidential feedback:

To recognize and reflect on the past 10 years, we will also be sharing 10 photos every week from NGO partners, who are working towards each of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

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We are #morethanphotographers

At PWB, we are more than photographers that make beautiful images—we are #MoreThanPhotographers! We are storytellers, writers, teachers, activists, land protectors, fathers, sisters, and creators; together we work to amplify voices of NGOs and make real change in an ethical way. We recognize that storytelling is a crucial component for any nonprofit or NGO to get their message across in today's world, however it is not always accessible to all nonprofits, NGOs and communities. When you become a Member you become a supportive part of our community of storytellers and have the opportunity to be shortlisted for projects you are interested in our Open Assignments, among other perks!